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At least once a week I get emails from friends asking me which phones to get in a certain price range. This changes all the time Ė the amount of new phones being released at the moment is crazy Ė but I thought Iíd make a post just so I can have a place to direct people when they need help.

Low Budget

If youíre on a low budget then forget about getting any of the higher quality smart phones and just do yourself a favour and get a simple phone. Itís difficult to get wrong with this as there is very little difference between the various phones in the low budget range.

Mid Budget

If you have a bit of money to spend but donít want to get the best phones on the market then you might want to consider going for the BlackBerry Torch 9810. You can get some very cheap contracts for it, and itís a solid phone with all the polish that youíd expect from a BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Torch 9860 has since replaced this version, but I still think that itís worth the money you pay for it.

High Budget

Itís difficult to argue that the iPhone 4S isnít the best phone on the market at the moment. Yes, itís not a great leap forward from the last iPhone, but it does enough to make it a worthwhile investment compared to other phones. Other choices might include the HTC Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy S2 - especially if you donít like the restrictions on an Apple phone or if all your music isnít in iTunes. I personally have the Desire HD now, after upgrading from the original Desire, and Iíd definitely recommend it. The next phone I get will probably be the iPhone though, as I think itís still the best around (although itís much closer these days).

What do you think of my choices? Do you agree with them? I realise the Torch 9810 might be a controversial choice, although itís difficult to pick just one phone from the very convoluted mid budget range. It would be interesting to hear what other people think though, as I think this post could develop into a great resource for people looking to buy a new phone.

Should I get an iPad 2?

September 20th 2011 09:14
Iíve been thinking long and hard about whether I should get an iPad 2 or not, and havenít really made a decision yet! On the one hand I think they are great machines and fantastic examples of what modern gadgets can do, but on the other hand I think theyíre overpriced and canít do a lot of a similar priced laptop. Hereís my list of pros and cons, let me know what you think.


1. They are amazing gadgets.
2. The iPad is perfect for surfing the internet or playing games on the sofa Ė much more than a laptop which can be quite difficult to hold when youíre sitting down.
3. Itís perfect for taking to the coffee shop when you need some time away but still want to use the internet. Especially if you get one that has 3G
4. The app store is amazing on the iPad Ė probably even better than for the iPod touch because of the much larger screen. Not only that, but it is only going to get better over time.


1. I hate buying new technology only for it to be beaten almost immediately. I think I should probably wait for the iPad 3 to be announced so I know what Iím going to be missing. Of course, then Iím going to start worrying about the iPad 4 (and so it continues).
2. It does seem very overpriced for what it is. I know tablets are more complex to manufacture than laptops, but for £500 you could get a good gaming laptop that could do more than the iPad.
3. I hate how locked down the iPad is, I like my gadgets to be open so I can customize them myself. This is never going to happen with Apple though, so itís almost not worth worrying about.

So what do you think?

The Masters Of Phone Selling

July 25th 2011 11:06
Thereís no doubt that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a simple, classic style phone that doesnít cost a lot of money. The reality is that if mobile phone retailers were to sell the old Nokia 3310s Ė which were really all that people needed if they donít want to do anything but the basics Ė then they would be selling them for such a small price it would be difficult to make any money.

Even so, I think that itís not great that people who donít want a high quality smart phone with a touch screen that itís so difficult to find one. There is such a price disparity between the old phones and what the new phone should be priced at for people who just want the basics that it seems very unfair. Mobile phone sales people are also masters of increasing the amount of money that people are willing to pay.

For example, if you go into a shop and ask for a simple phone that costs less than £10 a month then the attendant will be very understanding. He or she will start to show you phones in this price range but then slowly move on to slightly more expensive phones saying that ďfor just a few pounds more a month you could get something like this...Ē. Naturally this gets the persons interest Ė if I only have to pay a few pounds a month more then whatís the problem Ė and this continues until the phone is now in the price range of around £18 a month. Once the person decides on a phone they are then told that for an extra £2 a month they can double the amount of minutes they have. Who wouldnít want this deal?

The problem is that this is usually on a 24 month contract. In effect, the person has gone from a £240 deal to a £480 deal Ė watch out for this because the shops are masters!

Issues when choosing phones

May 30th 2011 09:24
Itís a question that seems to come up a lot but which pone should I get next? I donít think there are too many choices Ė the Desire HD is an obvious one along with a few of the recently released ďcomputer likeĒ smart phonesĒ. It tends to be the mid range market thatís difficult to judge Ė there are a lot of phones in that price range that are pretty much the same so no wonder people have issues working out which one is right for them. I probably would too.
The choice becomes a lot more difficult when you realise that each phone is also available on a number of different contracts on a range of providers. Itís true that some phones are provider specific, but most arenít. This means that once youíve chosen the phone or handset you then need to consider which network is going to provide the best deal. A lot of people stick to their current network Ė something referred to as ďbrand loyaltyĒ Ė but this is rarely a good idea.
So the real question is how can people reliably decide upon a good phone? One thing that I think a lot of people forget is that thereís no right or wrong answer. For every person there is bound to be many hones that could suit their requirements and be in the right price range. There isnít necessarily going to be a ďbest modelĒ, so donít spend days looking for one. Of course itís important to take your time and make sure you get a good model, but if youíre spending hours deciding between two almost identical phones then you could probably spend that time better! Donít make the same mistakes everyone else does, but at the same time donít get hooked into spending a lot of money on phones you donít need

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My View On the iPad 2

April 4th 2011 11:36
The iPad 2 is upon us, and I thought Iíd write a blog post about it even though this is really meant to be a mobile phone blog. Iím sure a lot of people whoíre interested in mobile phones are also interested in technology like the iPad 2, and there is a lot of overlap in terms of technology (touch screen, 3G etc).

The problem I have with the iPad 2 is that people fall for the same marketing tricks every time. When Apple released the iPad everyone knew that it had some key features left out of it, yet everyone still went out and bought it. Now Apple put those features (which should have been in the initial version) into a new product and everyone goes mad for it again. Itís only been a year since the first one was released

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3D games on phones

February 7th 2011 12:00
I don't know about you, but I think that many of the 3D games on the iPhone store don't have the same charm and appeal as the 2D games. Obviously, certain games need to be 3D for various reasons, but I wish developers would stick to 2D where possible. Not only is it easier to see what's going on in a 2D game, but it also tends to prevent the kind of slow down that ruins games.

Take the game I recently bought as an example - a well known 3D rugby game. It is fantastic that such a game can run on the iPhone in the first place, as it really shows the future of gaming is going to be on mobile devices. The problem is that the game could almost certainly have been made in 2D, aside from a few features such as kicking perhaps, and it would have been a lot better had it done so

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Another load of great apps

December 12th 2010 19:43
Every now and again I like to update this blog with my favourite iPhone apps at the moment. I have an Android phone Ė as youíll know if youíve read this blog before Ė but I have an iPod Touch just so I can use the apps from the app store. I dream of the day that the Android store has just as good selection, but I think that might be a long way away! Anyway, here are my current top iPod apps at the moment:

1. Cricket Ė I canít remember the name of this app, but basically itís a much better version of the cricket games you find on websites. The idea is that you use the left and right thumbs to control the batsmenís stance, angle of shot and when he releases the bat. The control you have over the batsman means that you can play a defensive innings, or really go for it (with a greater chance of getting out). If youíve a fan of cricket then itís well worth getting, although it hasnít been updated in a while and Iíve pretty much exhausted the options

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My favourite apps at the moment

October 16th 2010 14:42
Along with my HTC Desire, I also have an iPod Touch - mainly because I love all the apps so much. Here are a few of my favourite apps at the moment:

Guardian News
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How I Pick Mobile Phones

August 18th 2010 07:33
One of the best things about getting a new mobile phone is the excitement of looking for one! It can be frustrating though, because there seems to be so many phones available that have very similar functions. Here are a few ways you can distinguish between good and bad mobile phones.

1. Read online reviews. Being able to see what other people think of a mobile phone after using it is one of the most effective ways of deciding whether itís worth buying. Although not all reviews can be trusted, many can, and itís usually easy to filter out the occasional bad or over the top review

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My HTC Desire "Review"

June 30th 2010 09:33
Iíve had my new HTC Desire for a few weeks now so I thought Iíd post a short review! It would be interesting to hear whether any of you have used the phone and whether you agree/disagree with my thoughts.


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